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Ancillary Products

In addition to stocking lead we carry the following products:

Patination Oil
Provides a protective coating for newly installed leadwork. Helps prevent lead from forming a surface white carbonate layer that affects new lead and surrounding tiles, brickwork and stonework.

Lead cleaner is designed to remove all types of grim, bird fouling, airborne pollution and dust from lead surfaces. As part of a general clean-up or as a pre-treatment in preparation. Note: Cleaner will not remove patination oil, bitumen or tar.

G1 Restorer is designed for leadwork under 50 years old, designed to remove oxide/carbonate patinas.
G3 Restorer is designed for leadwork over 50 years old.

General purpose silicone sealant providing a watertight joint between lead and the brick/masonry work. A flexible and expandable alternative to mortar that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Providing a waterproof joint

Copper Nails Recommended by the Lead Sheet Association for fixing lead sheet panels, clips etc. to timber substrate.
Fixing strip - Copper or Stainless Steel recommended for most fixing applications.
Lead Domes - A decorative lead cladding fixing pack for a professional finish to lead roofing.

Geotextile Underlay
Its special composition helps prevent ridges or cracks appearing when lead is ‘dragged’ by thermal movement of the roof. Also assists in the protection of lead against condensation corrosion or chemical attack from stone, concrete or timber.

Woodcore Roll
Used for jointing bays of lead roofing, also on steeply pitched roofs and lead cladding where bold joint appearance is preferred allowing for the expansion and contraction in lead sheet and lead flashing. The undercut to the base of the roll is designed to prevent wind lift.

Expansion Joints
The lead strips create lined gutters where the construction of the building prevents a traditional lead lined gutter from being installed. Its two lead strips are connected by a high performance, double sided and vulcanized, EPDM synthetic rubber band.

Quality Lead Tools
Dressers - We stock a wide range of Polyethylene or wood dressers used for forming and shaping sheet metal. Wedges – We supply a range of wedges in wood and plastic in a range of sizes.
Mallets - We supply a variety of wood, rubber and PVC mallets in a range of sizes.

Flexislates and Lead Slates
Providing a weather tight joint where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate slate, tile felt or lead cover roofs

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The Glasgow Lead Centre
The Glasgow Lead Centre
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